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Key Takeaways

• Work smarter, not harder

• Promote your profiles everywhere

• Interact with and engage your followers

• The secret 

When it comes to social media reach, it’s hard to know what the algorithms are going to consider engaging so that your posts get seen.

Here are some tips to help you create shareable content that people will engage with:


3 ways to increase your organic reach on social media

Work smarter, not harder

The average user on Facebook is subjected to over 1,500 stories per day. To increase engagement, the news feed only displays about 300 that are most relevant to the user. Therefore, we now know that posting more isn’t the answer. Instead, focus on posting quality over quantity. Experiment with times and content to see what captivates your audience.

Promote your profiles everywhere

Every place that your business has a presence should also showcase your social media platforms—your website, your storefront, your business cards, and the signature on your emails.

Add follow buttons on your website so users to instantly follow or “like” your page without having to leave your company’s blog or website.

Interact with and engage your followers

If you properly engage with people by replying to their comments, this will boost how many others see your posts. The more the platform sees there is engagement, the more it will show it to others. Also, people will begin looking for your posts to engage.


The Secret to Organic Social Media Reach

The secret to organic social media reach is all about optimization, user experience, and high-quality content. Need more social media help? Build a strategy with Advent Trinity.

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