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There has been a lot of buzz around the safety of video-sharing app TikTok lately. The U.S. Commerce Department has delayed the ban of the Chinese-owned company’s app until September 27 while negotiations are finalized between Walmart, Oracle, and ByteDance.

TikTok does not adhere to U.S. security laws

From teen dance challenges to business promotion, TikTok rose to the top of the social media platforms in just a few short years with more than 165 million downloads. The app has been under scrutiny lately because it does not adhere to U.S. security laws. President Donald Trump set forth the motion to ban the popular app unless it could have U.S. ownership. Walmart and Oracle stepped up to the plate to stake a 20% share and operate the technology globally, TikTok Global, according to various news sources.

Security is a big concern for businesses using the app as a marketing tool

The security issues should concern business owners using the app as a marketing tool. Prominent critics say the app is potential spyware. TikTok has assured it’s users they’re not using their personal information in a devastating way, however, CNN Business says, “Policymakers’ chief worry is that ByteDance could be forced to hand over TikTok’s data on US users to the Chinese government, under the country’s national security laws. TikTok has said it stores American user data on US-based servers that aren’t subject to Chinese law.”

TikTok has more information on users then what you think

Like many other social media apps and technology companies, TikTok automatically gathers users’ geolocation information, IP addresses, unique device identifiers and the content of in-app messages, according to its privacy policy. “In January, a team of security researchers announced they had found several vulnerabilities in TikTok,” according to CNN Business. “The flaws, if left unpatched, could have let attackers gain control of TikTok accounts, change the privacy settings on TikTok videos, upload videos without permission, and obtain user data such as email addresses.”

User information on TikTok is not yet protected in the United States

According to Apple Insider, “TikTok confirmed that the deal had received approval, as well as some of the terms of the deal itself, via a tweet. ‘We are pleased that the proposal by TikTok, Oracle, and Walmart will resolve the security concerns of the US Administration.”

Apple Insider also states that under the proposal, Oracle will handle hosting and securing US user data for TikTok, at the same time as ensuring “US national security requirements are fully satisfied.” Walmart is involved for a “commercial partnership,” but without further explanation from the app representatives. The headquarters will be in the United States, comply with U.S. laws and privacy regulations, and the company itself will install four Americans in the five Board of Directors spots.

Written By – Lelise Radford

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