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BFF Asian Grill
and Sports Bar

Welcome to BFF Asian Grill and Sports Bar, your one-stop destination for the best brews and Asian-inspired food in Arlington and Mansfield.

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During the COVID-19 shutdown, many businesses were negatively affected. The restaurant industry suffered drastically. With this in mind, BFF Asian Grill & Sports Bar reached out to us to find a solution.


BFF Asian Grill & Sports Bar partnered with Advent Trinity Marketing Agency to run a campaign that showed strength. We helped them create videos to engage on their website and share on social media. Social media posts and ads focused on supporting local businesses. We redesigned their website for SEO.




Additional Development

Another special service provided was the integration of WordPress and Orderlivery -- a new delivery app on the market. Advent Trinity Marketing Agency developed a custom WordPress Plugin for the website to directly integrate into the app. This made it easier for the customer to place orders online for both pickup and delivery.



When Advent Trinity staff went to talk to the manager of BFF to see how everything was going during COVID, the manager replied, “Well, sales are down, of course, but we are surviving. In fact, it is interesting because we have actually had an increase in new customers. If it wasn’t for the marketing, we wouldn’t be surviving.” That testimonial was so powerful because it showed how important it is to run social media campaigns even during hard times. It kept the cashflow coming and in essence, kept the restaurant in business. Not only was this campaign effective, but the City of Arlington shared BFF’s video (that we helped them create) on their social media.



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