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Sometimes it’s challenging to find something to post on your social media platforms. In fact, the number one question Advent Trinity gets is “What do I post on social media?” Well, here’s 32 ideas on what to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.


Killer Content Ideas to Post on Social Media


  1. Remind people who you are, how you got started
  2. Go behind the scenes
  3. Share a joke (graphics or text)
  4. Host an #ama (ask me anything)
  5. Post a how-to or tutorial
  6. Host a poll
  7. Host a giveaway
  8. Tell people how to sign up on your email list
  9. Share industry news (add your thoughts to it)
  10. Go live (live videos perform amazingly well)
  11. Post a sneak peek of something coming soon
  12. Post a testimonial from a client
  13. Host an interview with a guest
  14. Post something seasonal or highlight a holiday
  15. Thank your fans
  16. Post motivational Monday
  17. Post a Tuesday tip
  18. Post a Wednesday wisdom
  19. Post a throwback Thursday
  20. Post a flashback Friday
  21. Post some interesting stats or data about your industry
  22. Share a win or success
  23. Share a loss or a failure
  24. Share an unknown feature about your products or services
  25. Let your employee take over for a day
  26. Show someone using your product
  27. Tell a funny story about something connected to your business
  28. Talk about your products and how they help people
  29. Share an inspirational quote and tell your audience what you think about it
  30. Re-share older content
  31. Share infographics related to your industry
  32. Create a day in the life post


Content is King

Start planning your content ahead. It will help you save time, lower your stress, and increase your engagement, followers, and sales. Post often and watch your followers grow and interact with you.

Need more ideas? Schedule an appointment with us today to talk about your social media plan.

For social media dos and don’ts, click here.  

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