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Google introduced RankBrain in 2017 and how it is affecting SEO rankings. What does RankBrain do? RankBrain is an algorithm that interprets keywords in query and figure out the intention of what the person was searching for. It than takes the query and applies it to the most appropriate results.

Let’s take a look at an example

RankBrain helps weight the query. What does that mean? RankBrain goes through and sees the relevance of your page, the bounce rate, the satisfaction rate of your website, and etc. This is why it is important to have a team that is on top of your website. Without your website being up kept and maintained with relevant content which doesn’t just mean pictures and videos, but actual relevant words on your website the ranking of the website can fall drastically.

Another thing that RankBrain does is match the right “signals” when searching.

What are these signals?

  • Keyword Matching
  • Link Diversity
  • Anchor Text
  • Freshness (relevance)
  • Domain Authority
  • Engagement
  • Related Topics
  • Content Depth

After RankBrain interprets the query and uses the signals it than chooses the best websites that will satisfy the person’s search. In order to rank high in SEO you must find a way to balance all signals. Take a look at the analytics of each page. Some people may have lots of website views but high bounce rate. Bounce rate meaning that the user did not stay on your site very long. Others may have low keyword matching but have high domain authority. It is important to view all aspects and try to get a balance so that you can rank higher in Google RankBrain.

If you are struggling with SEO don’t fear. There are lots of digital marketing agencies to help you out and more content to come out from us in the weeks to come. But stay on your toes it won’t be long until Google comes out with something new to help with SEO.

Written By – Leslie Radford

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