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Digital marketing is a game-changer for brands in the leisure and entertainment, fitness and nutrition, retail goods and consumer electronics, restaurants and food services, healthcare, and real estate industries

We all know how important having an online presence is these days. And to stand out in a sea of competitors is a lot of work. But you can have success if you have the right tools in your belt.

According to popular studies, a majority of consumers rely more on digital channels of advertising and search results pages when searching for products/services than they would with traditional marketing techniques. There are certain industries that thrive because of their digital marketing strategies and online branding efforts.

Top 6 Industries that Benefit from Digital Marketing

Leisure and Entertainment

Naturally, the entertainment industry has benefitted greatly from digital marketing. They can reach a broader audience in a short amount of time.

When it comes to organizing events, hyping upcoming movies, live shows, or recreational activities – nothing can prove more effective than the use of social media channels to do so. People can cross-promote events with friends and followers which allows entertainers and the like to reach even more people.

Using social media, the entertainment industry can easily give behind-the-scenes extras (news and updates on events, celebrities, TV shows, music videos, etc.) that wouldn’t be available to traditional marketing methods. Users can access more and more content on-demand and marketing efforts can attract them with storytelling and emotional appeal.

For instance, the travel industry can appeal to a person’s wanderlust, showing how much fun they could be having at a resort or foreign city, how well they could be relaxing in a luxury hotel, or an exclusive experience they a missing out on. A local entertainment venue can drum up special events by appealing to a person’s need to have fun and let loose. By piquing the desires of the audience, leisure and entertainment businesses can fully benefit from their digital marketing efforts.

Fitness & Nutrition

The fitness industry generates approximately $80 billion each year and is still growing.

When you consider the target consumer for fitness and nutrition marketing and the primary ways in which the industry focuses its marketing strategies, it is easy to see why it is enjoying such a large return on its advertising spending.

It’s easy for the fitness and nutrition industry to use photogenic products and services in their campaigns. The industry’s target demographics are those who wish to be in better shape, those who want to maintain the shape that they are already in, and those who want a healthier lifestyle. Modeling this lifestyle in their marketing with consumers who actually use their products or services is simple.

The marketing strategy focuses on the results that consumers wish to achieve, and the visual nature of it makes the advertising content easy for consumers to share as well.

Retail Goods & Consumer Electronics

The retail sector in general has invested heavily in digital marketing.

Retail companies attempt to compete online and tend to adopt multichannel or omnichannel approaches to physical and online commerce.

The retail industry has a significant amount of competition, so companies are using digital marketing to set themselves apart. Both over-the-top (OTT) and social media platforms play into their marketing strategies, putting ads wherever their target demographics are spending their time.

Having this broad approach allows products to follow consumers more naturally as they move across platforms, creating strong brand associations in the customers’ minds.


The 2020 pandemic demonstrated just how important it is for people to have access to medical practitioners and healthcare advice and guidelines online. People need to have some source of information for everyday medical issues and emergencies when public and private medical facilities have their hands full during a crisis. The availability of online resources in terms of digestible content (i.e. healthcare blogs, forums, videos, etc.) is important to have. Therefore, having a robust website is a must.

By offering insightful articles and useful tips to help people solve their issues, medical professionals can earn the trust of others thus expanding their patient base.

Medical product manufacturers, clinics, and other healthcare companies are turning to the Internet and streaming platforms because consumers turn to search engines to find out information about symptoms, medications, and other health-related topics.

Restaurants & Food Services

People are busy living their lives and find less and less time to plan and/or cook their own meals. This creates a huge opening for the food industry. Whether you are a meal kits subscription, food truck, or dine-in restaurant, you are vying for consumers in a vastly competitive market.

Focusing on visual campaigns, the food industry is reliant on social media marketing strategies and paid advertising that uses an emotional connection to reach its target audience. Having an online ordering system can be highly profitable for restaurant owners as studies show customers who place an online order with a restaurant will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently than those who don’t.

Real Estate

People relocate all the time due to jobs, increase in family size, or in search of their perfect life. With thousands of people looking for homes every day, real estate agents have their hands full. Digital marketing provides realtors a way to branch out and make themselves more visible to potential clients.

Social media channels are a proven way for real estate agents to promote properties and grow their online presence. They also rely on the work of SEO tactics to keep their website on the first page of search engines. Brokers, agents, specialists, and property dealers stay ahead of competitors online by building their own brand and offering valuable resources in the real estate industry.

Get the Most from Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a game-changer when it comes to connecting customers to top brands. By measuring and optimizing the performance of your marketing campaigns, Advent Trinity can help your brand get the best ROI.

By Leslie Radford
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