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If you haven’t created a Facebook Group for your business, you’re missing out on so many benefits. It’s a direct line to your customers, new and returning, to engage and interact with them. And that relationship-building is crucial to your business.


Benefits of having a Facebook Group


It’s a direct line to customers

The people in your Facebook group are likely your most loyal customers or fans. They’re spending their free time thinking and talking about your business. Tap into some real insights from the people who know your business best. Watch, learn, ask for feedback, and then actually use that information.


You’ll build long-lasting relationships with customers

Everyone knows that customers are loyal to companies that treat them well. Inviting fans to be part of your community and then directly and regularly engaging with them shows you care. It builds invaluable loyalty and trust.


You’ll increase your organic reach

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to prioritize content from Facebook groups with high engagement. The more you and your group are posting and interacting, the more people you can reach. 


Bring attention to a calls to action

You have the ability to pin a post to the top. This is a great place to put a call to action and guarantee you draw eyeballs to it. Pin important announcements and create offers that no one will miss in the feed because they’re right at the top grabbing their attention.


You can offer polls

Groups are a great source of immediate feedback. By creating a poll in your group, you can receive feedback on any subject matter or question you might have. Ask your fans their opinions and get them involved in your business.


Get a Group Going

Of course, there are many more benefits to having a group for your business. These are just a few to get you to see the importance of working your business from a different angle.

Don’t have a group yet? Get started here.

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