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An important part of marketing success is understanding your online audience. By defining your audience, you will be able to tailor content that can show your brand as an authority in your industry.

Here are the 4 tips to define your online audience

1. Survey Your Customers

If you’re not sure how your audience uses your products or services, just ask them. Surveys are helpful in knowing your online audience. According to SurveyMonkey, the average survey is about 13 questions long. Make sure your survey questions are effective and to the point. You can create your buyer personas and develop your website, products, landing page, and content that truly connect with your audience by asking thoughtful questions. Use something like Google Survey, SurveyMonkey, or Typeform.

2. Review Your Data Analytics

Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics will give you some great data. They can help you better understand how your audience interacts with your online presence.

3. Check Out Your Competition

Look at others in your industry are doing. What is working for them and how can you do it better? This will allow you to develop a plan for giving your audience what they want.

4. Outline Your Target Market Statement

With all the audience and competitor insights you just gathered, put them into a target market statement. This statement incorporates the behaviors and demographics of your target market and is different from a brand positioning statement.

Remember, conversions take place when targeted traffic meets a relevant offer. Advent Trinity specializes in all these things and more. If you need help defining your online audience, contact us – We will find your audience and get them the information they need to make important decisions about your products or services.

Written By – Leslie Radford

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