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Ranking matters in today’s digital age, as everything starts digital ranking on your website is going to matter even more. Here are some things companies should NOT do on their website if wanting to keep their rankings up.

1. Never updating the webpage

If a website is never updated then any search engine, including Google and Bing, will start to drop your rankings down. Why is this? As stated in many other blogs from Advent Trinity. Relevance of your page is a big factor in how you Rank on Google. This could also kill a business by not updating any pricing as well. For instance, in a restaurant the company may have a special online but because they have not updated the prices when a customer comes in the store and ask for the special the restaurant would try to deny that special. The customer would then get mad and call the manager because of false advertising. Does this sound familiar?

2. Bad pictures and videos

It is crucial to have pictures and videos on your website, but if they are bad there are repercussions. Not only does your ranking go down because of bounce rates, but your credibility as a company goes down as well. People don’t want to do business with a mediocre company so don’t portray yourself as a mediocre company. It’s better to hire someone to do the photos and videos than to do them yourself and they turn out bad. In other words, just be careful and what you put on your website.

3. Too many ads

Yes, ads on your website will make your company money, but if you have too many the website will be so slow and unappealing that the person will leave faster from your website than how they found your website. Plus, people found your website because they were looking for you not the other businesses on your website.


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