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1. Stay Active

No one likes a social media page that is outdated and looks like you are never on. It is essential that you continue to do posts on social media pages. We recommend that you do at least one post a day. This tells your followers and potential followers that you are active on social media and will be able to respond to them if they have any questions. Remember, don’t just be all about business. It is important to have content that is not aggressive and communicates to your audience that you care about them. It’s not all about the product or service. Sometimes, it’s only about the people in the business. People think that on social media it’s all about sell, sell, and sell. The golden rule for marketing is people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Which, brings me to my next tip.

2. Stay Engaged

After people have gone to your site and page, it is important that when they engage, meaning they like, comment, and share, you respond. People do not want to do business if they feel like you don’t care. I find it very considerate when someone messages me directly to check up on me. Once again they do not want to sell but build a relationship. This allows me to start trusting in them as people than just as a business. Direct messaging is the new B2B(business to business) marketing.

3. Do a video

Words are great, but they aren’t everything. People want to know you are real. Doing a video displays more human interaction than just texting. It’s like asking someone you like through a dating app that you want to get to know them better. At some point, you are going to have to show your face to prove that you are real. Once again it goes back to the trust factor. Video allows your audience to see the human side of your business. It is a more natural way to show your passion for what you do. Plus, if you do a Facebook live it is boosted for free.

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