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1. Marketing is Communication

Many people, when they think of marketing think about the wrong things. Marketing can be simplified in one word, “communication.” The role of a marketer is to know how to communicate with your ideal prospect. This takes time and patience to understand the behaviors and interests of the people you are trying to get in contact with. I always tell our clients it takes about three months for people to see results. It is because we need to evaluate what is useful and what is not working. Most importantly, we have to see if we are communicating the message correctly to our prospects.

2. Use Multiple Platforms

Marketing is the science of communication. Since marketing is all about communication, we need to use different platforms to get out our message. Some people prefer a personal connection with talking on the phone or in person, while others are always busy and prefer email or text. In contrast, the newer generation wants to communicate primarily through social media. The rule of thumb when thinking about marketing is to have at least four different lines of communication. The name of the game is reach and the only way to reach the number of people you want is to communicate in different methods. It truly is biblical if you think about it. Jesus sent out his apostles to spread the good news and had them communicate the message in multiple languages to spread the message quickly and effectively.

3. Content is Critical

You have to spark a person’s interest when marketing. To quote Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained, “You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.” That quote explains marketing at its finest. It is human nature because we are curious people. It is our job to be so compelling that we now can buy someone’s attention. I always advise people when people pay they “pay” attention.

In conclusion, this is the most important equation in marketing.

Marketing = Communication

Think about the way you are communicating the message of your business and find out what needs to change for people to engage more.

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